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Julia's Images
Julia's Images27th, Jun
A period of very interesting light gave me the opportunity to try out a few high key shots of the Common Loons.

Camera supported on Platypod Pro Max
Julia's Images
Julia's Images24th, Jun
My trip to Minnesota was not all about black bears and common loons. Thanks to Stan Tekiela's skillful grass foraging we also got to photograph a Garter Snake ... and find out that, when threatened, they release an absolutely foul smelling musk.
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Julia's Images22nd, Jun
Despite the name, Black bears are not always black. Other colours include brown, cinnamon, blond, blue-grey and white. I was pleased to get this head-on shot with the bear looking straight down the lens.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images21st, Jun
Great to get the opportunity to see some of this year’s spring cubs in Minnesota. The mothers are quite protective so the cubs don't tend come out in the open but they do love climbing trees.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images20th, Jun
Wandering around on foot photographing wild black bears is quite a surreal experience. These bears tread very softly and can creep up on you unnoticed, vigilance is required at all times.
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Julia's Images18th, Jun
Our session with the Common Loons last night presented us with some glorious light. We have now said a fond farewell to these beautiful birds and headed north to photograph black bears.



25th, Apr
It can NEVER be an acceptable to treat Wildlife in this way. We’re supposed to be a civilised nation. https://t.co/C2kr90KjBR
juliasimages photo
Chris Packham @ChrisGPackham
This was my gate this morning (it was vandalised) @HantsPolice & lawyers have been informed . So @BASCnews @NFUtweets @CAupdates @FarmersWeekly @Gameandwildlife @NaturalEngland can I ask you to comment on whether you condone this . Serious request - replies expected . Please RT https://t.co/8sVDyn4bSW
13th, Mar
Very sad to read the true story behind this iconic image https://t.co/TbgAcYf6AC
7th, Jan
Why are @nationaltrust allowing an illegal hunt to take place at @NTKingstonLacy. @BBCNews Please investigate and let us know how this can happen. https://t.co/dHk8Yectnb
Luke Steele @Lukesteele4
Chased by a pack of hunting hounds at @NTKingstonLacy - the fox killed this week isn't the first targeted by the Portman Hunt.

Hit 're-tweet' if you agree National Trust should pull the hunt's licence.
https://t.co/Z4Ew5O0ZjY https://t.co/grtMw6TIJy