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Julia's Images
Julia's Images19th, Mar
River Gwash Ospreys
'Missed Catch'
Ospreys are now beginning to return to the UK from their Winter Holidays - no closed borders for them. I really do hope I get a chance to photograph them this year but that's unlikely to be anytime soon. Stay safe everyone.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images12th, Mar
'Straight down the lens'
I've lots of stuff I should be getting on with ... so instead I thought I'd process a Bald Eagle image from my trip to Alaska a couple of years ago. 😁
Julia's Images
Julia's Images6th, Mar
“Dancing Golden Eagle”
The talons of a Golden Eagle can be as much as 3 inches long and, as they swoop down on their prey, the striking force of those powerful talons has been compared to the force of a bullet.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images3rd, Mar
Eurasian Jay drinking
These birds are typically solitary and shy so it was great to get the opportunity to see one drinking close to the hide during my recent trip to Bulgaria.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images24th, Feb
It's taken nearly 6 years but I've finally reached over 600 likes on my Page. Thank you to all who have joined me along the way, your likes and comments are always appreciated.