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Julia's Images19th, Sep
So what do you think, is this the fox trot or the tango? 😂
Julia's Images
Julia's Images11th, Sep
Bald Eagle eating lunch on the go. Apparently they do this if they feel under pressure from other Bald Eagles or scavengers who want to steal their catch.

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Julia's Images
Julia's Images2nd, Sep
I've been sorting through my ever-growing back catalogue of images and came across this pair of European Bee-eaters taken in Hungary. I believe the one on the right is male and the female is on the left. Male European bee-eaters have a chestnut-coloured patch in the middle of the wing, whilst in females this patch is usually smaller or even absent.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images21st, Aug
A Blacksmith Lapwing walking along a water's edge in Tanzania. Its name comes from its metallic 'tink, tink, tink' alarm call - which sounds similar to a blacksmith's hammer striking metal.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images20th, Aug
Having spent the past 3 days at #birdfair2018 at Rutland, today's photo had to be an Osprey from Rutland. After successfully diving for fish this Osprey can be seen vigorously shaking the water from its plumage by twisting its body in flight.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images10th, Aug
As I'm sure many of you are aware, today is World Lion Day, a global campaign aiming to raise awareness of the Lions decreasing population. Very much a species under threat.




21st, Sep
Wishing everyone taking part in the #PeoplesWalkforWildlife an enjoyable and productive day tomorrow. Our wildlife need you!! Sorry I can’t be with you in person but I will be with you in spirit @ChrisGPackham
19th, Sep
I went down to Salisbury
To listen to the choir,
A pair of Russian tourists
They were staring up the spire,
Staring up the spire, they were,
Silent and aghast,
Against the sky, hurtling by,
A piggy flying past.
10th, Sep
A large flock of common cranes in the Hula Valley, #Israel, by @juliasimages.

A spectacular example of stunning #wildlifephotography on Picfair, and one now available to purchase as a range of printed products! 🙌 🙌 🙌

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juliasimages photo
4th, Sep
New this week: My images now available on @Picfair as giclée art prints, framed or on canvas as well as the usual digital downloads. Check them out 👍 https://t.co/aVvTq4jvM1
28th, Aug
A 50% decline in wild animals living on the planet since 1970 shouldn't be something that nature-lovers get upset and angry about; it should be something that EVERYONE is upset and angry about. It matters. Join @ChrisGPackham on September 22. https://t.co/JXjVcs0nWB
28th, Aug
Vietnam’s Yok Don National Park has taken a monumental step towards ‘elephant-friendly’ tourism. Now they have agreed the elephants will no longer be providing rides to tourists. https://t.co/yMDPYDaMoI