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Julia's Images
Julia's Images24th, Mar
Guanacos are the largest herbivores in South America's dry areas and are believed to be the wild ancestors of the domesticated Llama. With beautiful big eyes, protected from dust and dirt by long lashes, they are certainly photogenic.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images19th, Mar
'King Penguin Incubating an egg'

King penguins don't make nests but instead lay a single egg which they hold on top of their feet during incubation. Eggs are brooded by both parents alternately.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images16th, Mar
‘Striated Caracara in the long grass’

Commonly seen in the Falklands, these birds of prey were once considered a menace by local sheep farmers and intensively hunted. Now protected by law they cannot be killed without permission from the Falklands government.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images12th, Mar
'Southern Sea Lion smells the air'.

Our stroll along the rocky beach on Weddell Island was abruptly halted when this large male sea lion hauled himself out of the water across our path. Local people simply call them 'lions' - testament to their shaggy manes. Adult males can reach 3 metres and 350kg. We kept a safe distance!
Julia's Images
Julia's Images8th, Mar
The Magellanic penguin is the 4th species of penguin we encountered in the Falklands. They stay together in groups as they hunt for food, diving as far down as 75 metres. I wanted this image to convey the dangers they face each time they go out to sea.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images7th, Mar
'Young Gentoos waiting to be fed'

Whilst King Penguins may look grand in their dinner jackets and Rockhoppers have funky hairstyles it's the Gentoos and their antics that top my list of favourites. These young Gentoos were looking totally bored waiting by the water's edge for their parents to return from fishing.



13th, Mar
Very sad to read the true story behind this iconic image https://t.co/TbgAcYf6AC
7th, Jan
Why are @nationaltrust allowing an illegal hunt to take place at @NTKingstonLacy. @BBCNews Please investigate and let us know how this can happen. https://t.co/dHk8Yectnb
Luke Steele @Lukesteele4
Chased by a pack of hunting hounds at @NTKingstonLacy - the fox killed this week isn't the first targeted by the Portman Hunt.

Hit 're-tweet' if you agree National Trust should pull the hunt's licence.
https://t.co/Z4Ew5O0ZjY https://t.co/grtMw6TIJy