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Julia's Images
Julia's Images18th, May
We were lucky enough to spot this Red Fox in Yellowstone National Park. It was distant but just about close enough to capture with a long lens. We photographed it hunting and jumping but I thought this shot showed off its cute face and beautiful thick red coat.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images11th, May
Beginning to work my way through the Bald Eagle images from my trip to Alaska earlier this year. There's about 8000 images ...I wonder if that's why I keep putting off the sifting process? 🙂 Here's one that survived the 1st cut.

With Natures Images
Julia's Images
Julia's Images6th, May
It’s taken 4 years but I have finally passed 500 Likes on my Facebook Page. Thank you so much to all of you who take the time to like and comment on my images. Your ongoing support is always appreciated.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images5th, May
Just back from a few sessions photographing the Ospreys at River Gwash Ospreys. The light was variable (... we are in England!!) but we did get some decent weather. Blue 28 graced us with his presence at every session, here is a shot of him coming into land on his favourite tree.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images28th, Apr
Sadly my time with these endearing foxes has come to a end and I travel home today. I think this fox is trying to understand what the human in front of him is doing down on the ground. 😱



18th, Mar
So funny https://t.co/pZBFAdKzyM
Paul Bronks @BoringEnormous
If you thought that Curling was only a Winter Olympics event: https://t.co/dMG8ypmkxh
4th, Feb
This Thursday we have Nigel Spencer speaking to the Club about "Winter Wildlife". 8pm start. Come along and enjoy a brilliant talk 📸🦅 https://t.co/jQl6KBF5pb
2nd, Feb
In our latest @WildLondon column, we celebrate the silvery rivers, canals and reservoirs that provide a lifeline for the capital’s wildlife #WorldWetlandsDay #KeepUrbanWetlands https://t.co/AdlVcrI46E #wildlondon (pic: Penny Dixie) https://t.co/qADCVDCfKz juliasimages photo
2nd, Feb
On stage @DestinationShow this afternoon being interviewed by @wanderlustmag about the photos from my recent prize trip to Thailand https://t.co/TOC5XDNOVT juliasimages photo
27th, Jan
Whatever you do, don't look down. https://t.co/SIibkiRWZk
9th, Jan
Great selection of images from @Picfair (including 2 of mine 😁) celebrating 100 years of the Baltic States: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. Why not take a look https://t.co/c98n5Imw8O