March 2018 – The Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs Championship Day

For the second year running I was extremely happy when 2 of my images won awards.  Again both were taken in Tanzania.  It’s proving to be a successful location for me!

CACC Projected Championship – Winner: ‘Cheetah Siblings Play Fighting

Print Championship – Judges Award: ‘Black-backed Jackal with her pup

December 2017 – Shortlisted: Nature section of image Library Picfair’s ‘Women Behind the Lens’ competition.

My image Common Cranes early morning was shortlisted and then exhibited from 11 December – 11 January 2018 at the Guardian News & Media Gallery, Kings Place, 90 York Way, London N1 9GU

November 2017 – Awarded: DPAGB

In November 2017 I was awarded a Distinction from the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB).

The PAGB awards distinctions to individual photographers for work deemed to be of the required standards.  The three levels are CPAGB (certificate), DPAGB (distinction) and MPAGB (master).  This entitles the photographer to use the letters after their name.  For the DPAGB a submission of 15 images is required and (unlike the panel requirements of the RPS) each image is judged on its own merit.  My chosen medium was Prints.

November 2017 – The Photographic Alliance of Great Britain GB Trophies 2017 (Prints)

Yet another award for this image.  It certainly seems to be one that captures the judges’ attention.

GB Trophy Nature – Bronze Medal – Best African Wildlife: ‘Wildebeest Facing Certain Death

August 2017 – Shortlisted: Bird Photographer of the Year, Birds in Flight Category: ‘Osprey with Trout

Delighted that I’ve had another photograph do well in competition. This time it was the annual Bird Photographer of the Year (BPOTY) Competition which is a collaboration between the British Trust for Ornithology and Nature Picture Library. The image is also included in the BPOTY book (Published August 2017).

March 2017 – The Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs Championship Day

This was a good day for me as 2 of my images won awards, both were taken in Tanzania. Great to see the Wildebeest image continuing to be successful.

CACC Projected Championship – Winner: ‘Wildebeest Facing Certain Death

Chilterns Hundred – PAGB Gold Medal: ‘Male Cheetah Going For The Kill

February 2017 – Winner: Wanderlust Travel Photo of the Year, Wildlife Category: ‘Facing Certain Death

Until now I haven’t really entered any competitions outside of the camera clubs so I was delighted that my image of lions taking down a wildebeest was awarded first place in Wanderlust Magazine’s annual competition and received such positive feedback from Paul Goldstein, one of the judges:

“Julia Wainwright’s winning image from the ‘Wildlife’ category is certainly eye-catching with two lions capturing a wildebeest perfectly captured in one frame. The title -‘Facing certain death’ – perfectly surmises the moment and competition judge, Paul Goldstein, who’s also a professional photographer, said: “There’s no challenge in capturing the aftermath of a kill; top marks to Julia for making the ordinary extraordinary!”

March 2016 – The Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs Championship Day

Another success at this event, a PAGB ribbon for my image taken in Hortobágy National Park.

Chilterns Hundred – PAGB Ribbon: ‘Frosty White-tailed Eagle’

November 2015 – Awarded: ARPS in Natural History

In November 2015 I was awarded the Associate of The Royal Photographic Society (ARPS) in Natural History.

To be awarded the distinction you have to submit a panel of 15 photographs, assembled to a theme, to the RPS for assessment.  My chosen medium was Print and my theme was ‘Birds of the Western Palearctic Region‘.


March 2015 – Awarded: LRPS

In March 2015 I was awarded the Licentiate of The Royal Photographic Society (LRPS).

To be awarded the distinction you have to submit a panel of 10 photographs to the RPS for assessment.  The panel needs to show variety in approach and technique (but not necessarily in subject matter), evidence of creative ability and a high technical standard appropriate to the submission.

March 2013 – The Chilterns Association of Camera Clubs Championship Day

Two awards for this image taken on an industrial estate in Aylesbury.

CACC Print Championship – Winner: ‘Waxwing with Red Berry

Chiltern Hundreds – PAGB Silver Medal: ‘Waxwing with Red Berry