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Julia's Images
Julia's Images8th, Jul
Blue Tit Bathing
An image from an enjoyable trip to Bulgaria earlier this year. We were due to return there last month but obviously that couldn't happen but we will go back.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images4th, Jul
Millers WOOD
We had a great day out photographing woodland birds yesterday. This juvenile great spotted woodpecker wrongly thought it would be able to hide behind this narrow tree trunk. 😄
Julia's Images
Julia's Images28th, Jun
Falkland Islands, Falkland Islands
‘Sandblasted Gentoo Penguin’

When the wind blows on the Falkland Islands, it really does blow. The islands lie south of an area of latitude known as the Roaring Forties. The westerly winds are often gale force and there are no large landmasses to slow down the wind speed.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images24th, Jun
The Fox Hide
Another one from my trip to photograph foxes last week. This one was definitely on a mission. At this time of the year their coats and tail are much thinner - they do not grow their thick winter coats until September.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images19th, Jun
After so many weeks confined to home it was lovely to finally get out yesterday and spend some time with these beautiful foxes. We'd had 24 hours of heavy rain and thunderstorms so things weren't looking promising but for those few hours we were blessed with good weather.

The Fox Hide