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Julia's Images
Julia's Images5th, Sep
Today is International Vulture Awareness Day. They may not be the prettiest of birds but they perform a vital role in the ecological health of the environment by cleaning up carcasses.
This image shows a pair of Andean Condors, the largest vultures in South America and one of the largest flying birds on the planet. They are sitting on the roof of a ski chalet in the Chilean Andes 😏.

Julia's Images
Julia's Images2nd, Sep
Wildlife Photography Hides
Another one from my 24 hour stint in a hide. Whilst the otters were amazing to watch it was the humble Grey Heron that seemed to produce some of the best images for me. At around 5.30am a light mist drifted over the water and gave an otherworldly feeling to the scene.

Tom Robinson
Julia's Images
Julia's Images1st, Sep
Bourne, Lincolnshire
Photographing wildlife has presented me with a wealth of different experiences. Spending 24 hours in a hide and observing and photographing wild otters at night was up there with the best.

Many thanks to Tom Robinson at Wildlife Photography Hides for building this amazing environment.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images27th, Aug
Yorkshire Dales
I've photographed Red Grouse a few times but never in the flowering heather. I was finally able to rectify this last week.
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Julia's Images24th, Aug
The cutest wild Little Owl owlet looking like he hasn't grown into his eyes yet ... and as for that haircut 🥰

Thanks to Les Gibbon for the use of his hide.