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Julia's Images
Julia's Images18th, Jul
Our plan today had been to go into London and take some more long exposure photos along the River Thames. Beautiful sunshine and clear blue skies scuppered that idea. So here is one of the images I took a couple of weeks ago.
Some people (John London!) asked about settings so below I have included settings for this image and 2 further images. One is a test image without an ND filter and the second is the unprocessed version of this image.

125s exposure; f16; iso 100
15stop ND filter
Converted to B&W and processed in Lightroom.

Julia Wainwright
Julia's Images
Julia's Images15th, Jul
Earlier this week I had the opportunity to photograph wild barn owls and tawny owls at dusk/night. This was definitely one of those experiences that was more than just about 'getting the shot'. Sitting in my car in the half-light watching and listening to these owls going about their normal activities was a delight. Coming away with some decent images was a bonus.

Captivating Nature by Des Ong
Julia's Images
Julia's Images1st, Jul
As we reach July our garden starlings are beginning to move on, just as they did around this time last year. The young have fledged and at times our suburban garden has been home to around 100 of them - which I do admit was sometimes a bit noisy. These two young birds were locked in battle over food, just for a change!
Julia's Images
Julia's Images25th, Jun
Enjoyed another lovely session with the fox cubs yesterday. They are growing up very quickly. Here we have mum on the left (looking a little ragged after working hard to raise her cubs) together with 2 of the cubs.

Thank you Jean Rolfe for allowing us to spend time with your beautiful foxes.
Julia's Images
Julia's Images17th, Jun
Sussex, England
They've been on my to do list for some time but yesterday evening I finally got the opportunity to photograph some cute little fox cubs. This little one was one of the cutest 🥰